3 day detox

3 Day Juice Detox Challenge


Daily Menu

1x Activate Juice
1x Snack Juice 1x
1x Afternoon Juice
1x Kefir Drink
1x Evening Juice


Product Description

Put the juicer away, we’ve got this!

Consisting of 4 juices per day (scroll down for ingredients). Our 3 Day Detox has been designed by leading Nutritionist to ensure as much nutrients as possible are packed into every juice! No pasteurisation. Just fresh, RAW, natural Juice for the perfect 3 day juice cleanse. We produce our juice to order and send on the same day (weekdays) all over the UK, to ensure the juices are as fresh and nutrient packed as can be. You won’t find fresher!

Prepare for success

Like everything in life, if you put in more you will get more out. If you prepare well for your 3 Day Juice Challenge then you should feel the benefits. If you are addicted to, or have a high intake of stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, sugar and nicotine it helps to ease yourself off these gradually beforehand if you can.

Please remember that as well as not eating during the fast you will be expected to stop smoking, and drinking alcohol and caffeine. For two days prior to the arial of your Juice package. Try to eat as light and raw as possible. One week before you begin your fast you should try to:

Cut down or eliminate
o Alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, drugs, OTC medicines, sugar, salt,
artificial sweeteners and microwave foods
o Meat, fried or processed food, dairy products
o Gluten (oats, barley, rye, wheat) – bread, pasta, pies, cakes and

o Intake of raw foods in your diet – salads and sprouted foods
o Pure water and hydrating fluids such as herbal teas and fresh fruit and
vegetable juices
o Leafy green vegetables, short grain brown rice, and vegetable soups


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