Complete Wellness Course

The complete wellness course is an innovative online course aimed at educating and inspiring individuals seeking a healthier diet with amazing weightloss benefits. The course is will improve your knowledge of nutrition, and healthy eating. The 3 day course consist of the following units:

  • Components of a balanced diet
  • Food lable calculations
  • Understanding superfoods
  • Modern nutrition and its effects on our health
  • Enviromental impact of the modern diet
  • Understanding cellulite & eradicating it naturally

Free content worth £100

  • Calorie restriction plan
  • Free low calorie cookbook worth £9.99
  • FREE Calorie intake diary
  • FREE juicing recipe book
  • 17 cheat foods that burn fat
  • Fun quizzes
  • 10 day 1000 calorie meal plans


£4 per month for 12 months

Estimated Time: 10